Try Steps to Naturally Avoid Getting Sick

Try Steps to Naturally Avoid Getting Sick

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Sometimes you noticed that some people tend to get sick more often than others. People who do not take good care of themselves are usually people who smoke, eat poorly, or do not exercise, will tend to get caught in the flow at least a few times a year. So you’re probably wondering what are the sickness free steps you should take.


Better Diet

The most important thing that people who are trying to avoid and illness should do – eat healthy and exercise daily. Those are the two most important things. What happens when one eats right is that there will be less harmful toxins in their body. Also, when someone eats the right foods, there will be no unknown chemicals about to enter their body. No more unwanted pesticides in the food. It’s essential all the way around to exercise and eat healthy.


Exercise Daily

Everyone should have a exercise routine. Initially, this will keep one’s body running and fighting against sickness. When someone hardly move around or even doesn’t move at all, the body will actually not run up to par. This will, of course in return, make the metabolism slow down substantially and will make the toxins in the body build up. When one’s body is indeed healthy, viruses can’t get into the body as quickly and easily.


Mental balance

There is one thing that people with strong immune system’s have in common – they seem to be more or less stressed in their daily lives. There are numerous studies that have actually showed there really is a link between stress and frequencies of an illness. However, if one is not so stressed, laughing frequently, and finding ways to relax actually will strengthen the heart. A strong heart means that someone can indeed have a good immune system so that no illnesses can get into their body.


Herbal Remedies

The pharmaceutical industry has helped tremendously when it comes to fighting illnesses. The body will respond much more positive to any herbal remedies. An example is that drinking green tea once a day has been showing to give the immune system a boost. There are numerous herbal supplements that can help improve your overall health. All it takes is one natural supplement a day.


Sleep well

If someone sleeps about 6 to 8 hours a day, their body will be more apt to fight off an illness. If you don’t sleep a lot of hours, your body’s immune system will not be as strong. So, give your body a chance to do it’s own thing and that is by sleeping at least eight hours a day. Let the body rejuvenate itself.



Everyone needs to detox every once in awhile. However, when you are sick it’s even more essential you should detox. The reason being is this will flush all of the unwanted toxins in your body. If you do detox, you should not be stuck with your illness very long. Detox to keep fighting against sickness and spreading germs to others.


Compliments of Kshamica Nimalasuriya MD, MPH
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