To Grow Old and Healthy Eat Those Old Brain-favouring Herbs

To Grow Old and Healthy Eat Those Old Brain-favouring Herbs

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To Grow Old and Healthy Eat Those Old Brain-Favoring Herbs


If you want to grow wise and old, it’s essential that you should be eating some herbs such as rosemary and sage. These herbs have been actually found to enhance the function of the brain.

Lower your chances of developing Alzheimer’s

The herb Sage actually has the benefit to make one keep Alzheimer’s disease away. Alzheimer’s disease is common in elderly people. This disease is associated within plaques that are protein-like found in the brain. However, Rosemary actually will increase the blood supply to the brain. There is a popular saying that states in the winter months, people are better off if they eat herbs. This is because herbs provide vitamin C and other useful immune boosting nutrients.

Antioxidants are essential

Scientific research indicates that Sage contains antioxidants. This is a good thing as it keeps people healthy. Although, herbs can help you as you get older, it does not always mean it will make you maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are other factors to consider, such as genetics. Herbs can easily be used in cooking or you can buy them at the store. You’ll basically find more dried forms of herbs. Herbs can live in small pots and they will do fine in your home, if you expose these herbs to sunlight, and actually allow the herbs to flourish.

Enjoy while getting healthy

It is more likely that the leaves in the stocks are used when one eats herbs. If someone is having symptoms such as inflammation, this can essentially be helped by rosemary and sage. The good thing about including herbs in your diet is that you can enjoy the taste and your food and benefit your health all at the same time.



Compliments of Kshamica Nimalasuriya MD, MPH

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