I wasn’t really thinking about the new “My Plate” icon when it was unveiled last week by the United States Department of Agriculture. I was driving through the plains of Colorado and Wyoming on my way to visit family in western Nebraska.

While Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack proclaimed that we are bombarded with so many nutrition messages that it is difficult to focus on what is necessary to improve our diet, I was listening to the interesting words of a song on a country station just outside Cheyenne …”Rain makes corn. Corn makes whiskey. Whiskey makes my baby frisky …”

“MyPlate is an uncomplicated symbol to help remind people to think about their food choices in order to lead healthier lifestyles,” Secretary Vilsack urged the nation. It shows a dinner plate half full of fruit and vegetables paired with lean protein foods, whole grains and low fat dairy foods.

I pulled into a truck stop and didn’t see many plates half full with fruits and vegetables. Or whole grains. I did notice the new “kids menu” at a fast food outlet play online casinos
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